Google Aarona Lopez

Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo formerly known as “Aarona Lopez” & “Aarona Browning”

I created a YouTube video to close another painful chapter in my life and purge pain I got tired of carrying. I was attacked and bombarded from every angle. I lost friends. I lost family. I lost everyone I loved. I lost my mom. My favorite cousin who was like a grandmother to me. I lost my grandfather and I lost the love of my life, my comedy career.

I lost my home and my ability to “go home”. I lost my ability to feel safe and “at home”. I was left with nothing but a few pairs of clothes, one backpack and my YouTube Channel. From my YouTube channel I generate a very modest income that grew and added to it to acquire more clothes, a suitcase a duffel bag full of toiletries and a tent to lay my head at night.

In the midst of this, I’ve been publicly slandered and embarrassed. I’ve been lied on by so many people I used to trust and I had to deal with gang stalking on top of it. 15 years of my life I worked hard to make a name for myself as a standup comedian and actress, I even joined the professional actors union SAG-Aftra and was working my way to become apart of the Writer’s Guild of America known as WGA. It all was undermined by former lovers, insecure co-workers and bitter relatives. I’m so tired of these people and despite all my efforts to be positive, keep building, keep creating and start all over, I just cannot seem to escape their lies and drama and I’m so over it.

I was beaten by 5 NYPD OFFICERS, Transported and illegally detained Jan. 3, 2018

So I made a YouTube video for my channel called “Google Aarona Lopez” because the machine that runs and controls my enemies worked overtime to destroy my name and what I built. I decided to take back my name and rebrand it.

Click this link👇🏽 to check out my YouTube Video, Google Aarona Lopez right here

I have 3 podcasts on my website, check them out as well as my #Truthalations comedy shirts at

Published by Studentofhappiness

I'm a comedian AaronaTheVirgo. I’m also a tarot reader, Zumba instructor and self-love advocate. I love hip-hop and R&B music. I’m very passionate about black history and astrology. I create content, services, products and events for people who love astrology, tarot and funny content from a African-American perspective. I have 3 podcasts - “Where Comedy And Tarot Collide” (Every Tuesday), “Dear Black Love” (Every Friday), “Jokes And Jams” (Every Saturday). Check out my main website and my YouTube Channel - AaronaTheVirgo If you are 18+ join me on

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