Tarot Card Of The Day By AaronaTheVirgo – 2/27/2021 – 3 of Swords

By: Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

I just did a #youtube video about my toxic family as part of my vlog series. I also pulled a tarot card at the end and the #3ofswords came out the deck for the collective.

(Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t) In this case I saw betrayal. Someone is cheating on you or someone cheated you out of something. It could be a business deal gone bad, someone having you sign something they didn’t fully explain, someone lying to you about their fidelity or someone lying to you and it cost you something you value. It was the result of unclear/fuzzy communication and confusing boundaries. However, 3 is the number the answered prayer. You have been praying for something to be revealed to you and you longed for the truth regardless of if it would be pleasant news or unpleasant news. You were tired of going through something or feeling in the dark about something and nothing mattered to you but the truth. Now that truth has been revealed, you are heartbroken by what you discovered but this pain is a blessing in disguise 🙏🏾 I hope this message helps someone ❤️

Watch the FULL VIDEO on my YouTube Channel – 3 of Swords Energy


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Published by Studentofhappiness

I'm a comedian AaronaTheVirgo. I’m also a tarot reader, Zumba instructor and self-love advocate. I love hip-hop and R&B music. I’m very passionate about black history and astrology. I create content, services, products and events for people who love astrology, tarot and funny content from a African-American perspective. I have 3 podcasts - “Where Comedy And Tarot Collide” (Every Tuesday), “Dear Black Love” (Every Friday), “Jokes And Jams” (Every Saturday). Check out my main website www.aaronathevirgo.com and my YouTube Channel - AaronaTheVirgo If you are 18+ join me on OnlyFans.com/AaronaTheVirgo

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