Tarot Card Of The Day By AaronaTheVirgo – 3/1/2021 – 6 of Pentacles

By: Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

Tarot Card Of The Day #6ofPentacles (Take What Resonates, Leave What Doesn’t)

Reciprocity is a theme showing up in the collective. An equal give and take. Closely examine your relationships and interactions. Are you giving more to others than you receive? Are you giving back to others as much as they give to you? I’m seeing an imbalance in relationship and friendship dynamics. People who rely on certain people “to always have it” because they have set a specific standard in their own life. People who feel unappreciated for over giving and constantly expected to continue. One thing I heard was see the other person’s perspective. I can be quite easy to only see our side our rationalize our own needs but are your dealings fair and balanced? I see imbalanced communication. There is are unspoken expectations and mismatched expectations and it’s not moving anything forward. If it is bring you down it’s simply dead weight. Cut out all the slack in your life so you can raise your vibration and attract people resonating on an equal level to you. Loyalty is a popular reason why people stay an imbalanced circumstances and situations as a comfort to people they care about. You are under no obligation to play small or feel restrained or captive in your life. Set yourself free and renew your spirit.

Other meanings- receiving a refund or a reward for an old favor finally being paid back. Work/Life balance is also showing up. How are you spending your time? Do you enjoy what you do? Are you taking out time to enjoy yourself and your life? You can spend time but time is the only spending that doesn’t come with a refund of more time, so use it wisely. 6 is also a number of healing and past reconciliation or remembrance. What things from your past are you running from that is blocking your future-putting you at an energetic imbalance? 6 can also be your lucky 🍀 number. June can also be your lucky 🍀 month. You could be dealing with a Gemini ♊️, you could be a Gemini ♊️ as well, you could also be a cancer ♋️ or dealing with a cancer ♋️ both signs have birthdays in the month of June. I hope this helps someone ❤️

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Published by Studentofhappiness

I'm a comedian AaronaTheVirgo. I’m also a tarot reader, Zumba instructor and self-love advocate. I love hip-hop and R&B music. I’m very passionate about black history and astrology. I create content, services, products and events for people who love astrology, tarot and funny content from a African-American perspective. I have 3 podcasts - “Where Comedy And Tarot Collide” (Every Tuesday), “Dear Black Love” (Every Friday), “Jokes And Jams” (Every Saturday). Check out my main website www.aaronathevirgo.com and my YouTube Channel - AaronaTheVirgo If you are 18+ join me on OnlyFans.com/AaronaTheVirgo

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