Tarot Card Of The Day By AaronaTheVirgo – 3/1/2021 – Justice Card

By: Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

(Take what resonates leave what doesn’t)

I’m seeing a fair decision in your favor. Balance is being restored after a long battle. Some of you have been dealing with a custody battle or your ownership to rights. The #Justice card is showing up for you letting you know it will be resolved in your favor. Roman numeral 11 is on the Justice card which symbolizes new beginnings and instant manifestation. You are entering a new period of life armed with truth and balance. Balance in this sense meaning a deeper sense of self. You have been exposed to some things your were blind to before (blind justice) and now seeing the truth from different angles cause you to retreat into yourself to discern what is most true for you. Many of you will be leaving people behind and old habits behind because they no longer serve you, in fact you may have realized it was blocking your good or your attachment to it was unhealthy. I’m also hearing “promoted to the throne” a setback caused you to level up and reclaim your power in an urgent way and is about to pay off for you if it has not already.

Other meanings – 11 is your lucky 🍀 number. November is your lucky 🍀 month. The Justice card represents zodiac sign libra ♎️ you could be a libra, dating a libra, had a dispute with a libra, building a partnership with a libra or raising a libra ♎️ (because I see and heard custody battle). Find some quiet time to consider what is working for you right now and what might have worked for you in the past but no longer works for you. I hope this message helped someone ❤️

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Published by Studentofhappiness

I'm a comedian AaronaTheVirgo. I’m also a tarot reader, Zumba instructor and self-love advocate. I love hip-hop and R&B music. I’m very passionate about black history and astrology. I create content, services, products and events for people who love astrology, tarot and funny content from a African-American perspective. I have 3 podcasts - “Where Comedy And Tarot Collide” (Every Tuesday), “Dear Black Love” (Every Friday), “Jokes And Jams” (Every Saturday). Check out my main website www.aaronathevirgo.com and my YouTube Channel - AaronaTheVirgo If you are 18+ join me on OnlyFans.com/AaronaTheVirgo

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