Tarot Card Of The Day By AaronaTheVirgo – 3/2/2021 – 4 of Pentacles

By: Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

4 of Pentacles (It May or May Not Resonate)
In this reading, I’m seeing “secure your future” making solid plans and sticking to them. 4 is a number of foundation, direction and clarity. What I’m seeing and hearing is consider four areas of your life where you can lock 🔒 down a healthy routine or system to ensure a long term success. What are four goals you could accomplish to secure a sure-fire, long-term success.

With this card today I’m seeing that “being focused on yourself and your objectives is a good thing and this is a reminder that you are not missing out on anything at this time”

As you can see the city life and countryside behind him, I’m feeling very strongly to focus on the future. Forgive the past and put it behind you. Regardless of what’s going on behind your back or what people may do and say behind your back, focusing on you and your goals is the key to you moving ahead. I’m also seeing “protect your investments or things/people you deem to be valuable”. This energy is about being solid and firm so make sure you uphold your boundaries and don’t let anyone walk over you. If it’s important to you, do not betray yourself for someone else’s acceptance. Stay firm and stand your ground and you won’t have any worries.

If you are entering a new relationship, this card is about establishing boundaries and healthy communication with your new partner. If you can see a future with this person, or they give you a vibe where you know you may want to hold on to them for the long-term, set your union up for a sure success. Communicate long-term and short-term plans and goals ❤️

Other meanings – watch out for control issues. Be firm but release your grip. 4 could be your lucky 🍀 number. April could be your lucky 🍀 month. You could be wanting a long-term relationship with an Aries ♈️ or Taurus ♉️ or someone who has those signs in their natal chart. You could be a parent of an Aries ♈️ or Taurus ♉️ and you want the best for them long-term❤️ I hope this message helped someone

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Published by Studentofhappiness

I'm a comedian AaronaTheVirgo. I’m also a tarot reader, Zumba instructor and self-love advocate. I love hip-hop and R&B music. I’m very passionate about black history and astrology. I create content, services, products and events for people who love astrology, tarot and funny content from a African-American perspective. I have 3 podcasts - “Where Comedy And Tarot Collide” (Every Tuesday), “Dear Black Love” (Every Friday), “Jokes And Jams” (Every Saturday). Check out my main website www.aaronathevirgo.com and my YouTube Channel - AaronaTheVirgo If you are 18+ join me on OnlyFans.com/AaronaTheVirgo

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