Divine Nine, I Would Appreciate Your Support

I have been disenfranchised and preyed upon for more than 3 years because the people who hold the purse strings in my industry, the entertainment industry, saw me as a threat because I report wrong-doing and inhumane behavior that can be fatal. Never in my 15 year tenure as an entertainer have I targeted or willfully hurt anyone but unfortunately, I ended up in a battle that left me to fight for my integrity all alone. Despite the pain and trauma I suffered, I won’t give up on black love and I won’t give up on speaking up and protecting people who feel voiceless to their abusers. I definitely won’t stop trying to make this world a better place for future generations of black children. My college years, my post-graduate years and my entrepreneurial entertainment years were spent in support of various causes, events and even interest as an aspirant of the divine nine. I have a deep respect for the accomplishments and progressive nature of the Black Greek community and so I would appreciate support from this community and I self-empower myself and also serve as a source of empowerment for other women who have to rebuild their lives after abuse and trauma. I don’t expect the community responsible for creating financial calamity in my life to support anything I do to operate independently of them and so I wanted to turn to individuals who I know have a lifelong commitment to the progression of black life and black culture.

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Shirts Against Domestic Violence By AaronaTheVirgo

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50 Cent Stalker Stuff Is A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL! Here’s Why

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

Being slandered and dragged never feels fun. I honestly wouldn’t wish it on my enemies. Quite frankly, I never dislike or hater people to the point where I spend my time wishing bad on them. I feel like that’s a total waste of energy. Unfortunately, when you are trying to be the best in your line of work, it comes with enemies.

Being a comedian comes with a lot of positive aspects and of course their is the potential for fame and lots of money. No one really talks about the dark side where envy, jealousy, prejudice or hatred can derail your career or life when people decide they don’t want you to be “the person” they will accept as a great talent worthy of the spotlight and even worse your personal life can become an all-out disaster. There is no such thing as meeting people casually or having adult affairs. Your entire life gets put under a microscope and whoever has the biggest bank account to pay for your smear campaign WINS. Click this link below and get all the tea I laid out on YouTube https://youtu.be/tIKsbP7lCv8

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Tarot Card Of The Day – 3/28/2021 – 7 Of Wands

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

TarotCardOfTheDay #7ofWands (May Or May Not Resonate) Protect yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Now is not the time to rush into new relationships, new business deals or new territory. Opportunities for those will present themselves at a divine time and have a much better outcome than what you expected. Don’t worry about your speed and don’t let your desires or you worries have you running into walls and road blocks or trying to force open doors 🚪 that’s not meant for you to walk through. Let the obstacles and challenges help you observe what’s most important to you in the various areas of your life where you see lack. You may be fighting for someone to recognize your truth or your abilities but I’m seeing it is a useless fight. Put your focus on what matters most to you and don’t let anyone take you off your path. You know what is right for you and the right people also only want what’s best for you. Filter out the noise and keep going until you get the win that most satisfies you.

Other Meanings: There is no one you have to please but yourself. If someone is forcing something you are not okay or comfortable with stand your ground. You will see a increase of peace and ease within a week from today. Stay strong and don’t lose focus on your goals. You are creating long-lasting change in your life at this time and your future self will thank you for everything you are doing to remain true to yourself. Let your visions of the future motivate you to stay engaged and commit to trusting your process in the present ❤️

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Tarot Card Of The Day – 3/27/2021 – Knight Of Cups

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

TarotCardOfTheDay #KnightOfCups (May Or May Not Resonate) Great Love is worth the effort. Knight of Cups is showing to suggest you take action to toward your deep desires and show gestures of your affection. Some of you could be literally going on a trip with your lover but it could be something as simple as a letter or poem. There is something that is going to take steady effort to win your person’s trust. Today when I saw #KnightOfCups heard staying focused and even when you zoom in the card you see a look of determination on the knight. There was also a theme of “non-superficial action”. Your person desires to see the REAL YOU under your mask or beneath your shell. So superficial topics won’t arouse them. Genuine loving actions will but material thins can only keep people interested for a short time. I’m hearing show me more. There is also a theme of self-love what actions could you take today to show yourself more love, kindness and compassion? Get it to it!

Other Meanings: A Water Sign is focused on you or you them and possibly planning on taking action and moving a romance forward. You are getting over a heartbreak or an emotional issue that has plagued you for a long time. Spirit wants to let you know you are making good and steady progress – reward yourself!

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Tarot Card of The Day – 3/26/2021 – The Moon

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

TarotCardOfTheDay #TheMoon

(May Or May Not Resonate)

When the light shows up in darkness, evil is disturbed. You may be getting criticized for taking a stand, sharing uncomfortable truth or inadvertently re-opening wounds OR you are on the opposite end doing the criticizing trying to escape something that could be painful to you. Take heart in knowing there is freedom in truth and beauty in healing. Things are coming to the surface, illusions are being shattered let it come so you can separate fact from fiction and enjoy peace. The card fell reversed so many of you are having this inner struggle with yourselves an not another individual. Some of you may even be experiencing a silent turmoil because an illusion got shattered. Consider what was it about the illusion that made it alluring in the first place? That will lead you to the ways/things you are hiding from yourself OR hiding yourself from the world. The Moon showed up to end a cycle of deception or self-deception you were trapped in.

Other meanings: You are having problems with a Pisces ♓️ or Cancer ♋️ in your life. You yourself are a Cancer ♋️ or Pisces ♓️ ending a painful cycle. You may be scared of sharing your truth due to criticism or you may need to hear someone else’s side in a dispute to get a clear understanding of what’s happening. Be open to all the information you receive and observe your own thoughts and feelings without judgement so you can get as close to the truth as possible.

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Tarot Card Of The Day – 3/25/2021 – Wheel Of Fortune

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

TarotCardOfTheDay #TheWheel (May Or May Not Resonate) Okay so the first thing I heard is “The Time Is Now” anything you have been procrastinating about or mulling about this is the most opportune time to take action ✅ It’s OFFICIALLY #Aries ♈️ season and Aries energy is all about action. #TheWheel is saying this is a good time to move forward with your heart’s desires 👍🏽 and as I stared at the card closely I noticed the orange catlike animal at the bottom of wheel and heard “time is on your side” meaning you HAVE NOT missed out on your chance or opportunity to make a specific dream a reality. Things had to unfold and be revealed and when you look back and trace your steps you will see what had to happen in order to give you more confidence and faith that you are on the right path and your dreams are real. Knowing what you know today, puts you at a different vantage point then when you first started. There are open books on every corner of this card suggesting you use your new knowledge to your advantage and take action.

Other Meanings: As you are closing old cycles and moving forward into new cycles it would be helpful to be an open book to new suitors. If you are manifesting a new relationship or business partnership setting your standards and expressing your needs opens you up to be better matched with people who more connected with you or to your vision.
I’m hearing 10 weeks, 10 days or the month of October (the 10th month) you’ll see fruit from what your manifesting and the things you decided to take action on.

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Tarot Card Of The Day – 3/24/2021 – 5 of Swords

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

TarotCardOfTheDay #5ofSwords

(May or May Not Resonate) Five of Swords is knowing when to quit something that’s no longer worth the effort is key 🔑 someone in your life is not worth your time or energy and they play very dirty. Nothing about them is honorable and you should detach yourself from them immediately. Roman Numeral 5 at the top of the card means changes and challenges. Trust the changes you are guided to make and CUT off anything that no longer resonates with you. This also means YOU will overcome the challenges you face by figuring a way around them. When Five of Swords shows up it always suggests that games are being played whether in a relationship or in business. Someone is trying to challenge you and you must outmaneuver them.

Other Meanings: You will be free from this person or obligations to this person in May. I just heard five key people are opposing you. Consider carefully who they are and cut them from your life. You could be dealing with an AIR 💨 sign Aquarius ♒️Gemini ♊️ or Libra ♎️ that’s opposing or challenging you (I’m hearing an Aquarius ♒️ but it could be all of the above 🤷🏽‍♀️ You are having a stand off in communication with a loved one. You could be in a fight with your partner and they did something foul to try to gain the upper hand. From the cloudy background you could be in a toxic environment, surrounded by liars or people with fuzzy communication.

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Tarot Card Of The Day – 3/23/2021 – The Star

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

TarotCardOfTheDay #TheStar

(May Or May Not Resonate) This is your time to really shine and show the world what you are made of. No more playing small, no more procrastination, no more allowing yourself to be trapped by things that don’t inspire or elevate you. Speak 🗣 your truth and life your truth. Speak your future into existence. Get very clear and very honest about what you truly desire because it IS manifesting now. Sticking to your vision no matter what people think about it will yield you the highest happiness and fulfillment ever. Drop whatever mask you are wearing and come out of the shadows. Let your light and your soul shine!

Other Meanings: An Aquarius ♒️ could be coming into your life to fulfill something you wished and hoped for. You are an Aquarius ♒️ and are beginning to see the manifestations of your birthday wishes. You will receive a big blessing on the 17th of the month (within the next 6-8 months) your gift is the gateway to power and long-term prosperity.

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Tarot Card Of The Day – 3/22/2021 – 6 of Wands

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

TarotCardOfTheDay #6ofWands (May or May Not Resonate) “A city on a hill cannot be hidden” no matter how hard they try to dim your light shine anyway. You are seen, heard and felt by the right people. 6 of Wands is victory and public recognition. It suggests success at a passion. You can monetize what feels easy to you. Just like the figure coasting along on his horse suggests that you don’t have to do unpleasant things to be successful. You can do easy things, fun things, happy things and be just as successful.

Other Meanings: Beware of people who don’t live passionate lives because they will hold resentment towards you. You don’t have to play small or grovel or cower to anyone’s expectations outside of your own to be successful. 6 is your lucky 🍀 number number. June could be your 🍀 month. Some news about about project or other success May arrive in June. You will have a successful project, partnership other endeavor with a FIRE 🔥 sign
Aries ♈️ Leo ♌️ Sagittarius ♐️

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Tarot Card Of The Day – 3/21/2021 – 2 of Cups

By Comedian/Tarot Reader AaronaTheVirgo

TarotCardOfTheDay #2ofCups (May Or May Not Resonate)

This is message is not for everyone so take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. I saw Two of Cups today symbolizing a twin flame/soulmate bond. A deep, reverent covenant between two people filled with love, respect, intimacy, joy and reciprocity. This is a divine union where FAITH is the cornerstone of it. There will be many obstacles (not within the bond, the bond will be secure and long-lasting) outside and around this bond. The end result of it all is a very stable relationship built on a firm foundation of matched beliefs. There will be other lovers or actions of love coming from many different directions under the discretion, judgement or standards of the 2 lovers of the covenant bond, nothing will penetrate the bond unless they mutually allow it. If this bond doesn’t exist in your life it is coming and no one will match up to them once you come into contact with them. If feel like you are aware of this person or them you but there has never been an expression of love or romance but it’s coming.

Other meanings: 2 water signs could be entering a union or marriage, A marriage and spiritual connection with someone from a past-life, keeping the faith that your love life will improve, being unavailable for love unless both parties are openly offering their hearts ♥️ Saying Yes to a beautiful offer that is fair and balanced. I’m hearing something about two weeks keep your eyes and heart open. This is a general reading

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